Wallin-Gomez Architects is a collaborative design firm focused on client needs and a vision for the future.  WGA specializes in creating functional, inviting and people-driven buildings and spaces that adhere to each client’s unique program and budget.  The built environment should not define people but must work right for each client so that they can thrive and grow.

Since 1990, WGA has been designing commercial spaces, schools, multi-family residences, health clinics and more based on the way our clients live, work, learn and play.  Whether you are undertaking a new building project, or moving forward with a renovation or addition, WGA has the experience to take a project from beginning to end by analyzing existing conditions and regulations, preparing designs and permits, and observing construction activity.

WGA has grown from serving both public and private clients in the Chicago area, to being licensed in over thirty states from New York, to Florida, Arizona and South Dakota.  We take pride in our success at building lasting relationships with clients and growing with each new project.